Rapid City Regional Airport (RAP) is the only full service commercial airport for the Black Hills, serving several major cities throughout the United States.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a safe, environmentally responsible and fiscally self-sustainable operation ensuring high quality services and facilities.  

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide world class transportation service enhancing economic growth.

What We Do

Airport Finance and Administration

  • Ensures financial integrity of the airport
  • Administers all federal, state, and local grant programs
  • Interacts with multiple local and civic organizations promoting air service development and marketing initiatives

Airport Maintenance & Facilities

  • Maintains first-class aviation facilities that are safe, clean and efficient for passengers and tenants
  • Trains, equips and fields well qualified maintenance technicians who are professional, friendly, and highly motivated
  • Manages vehicle, equipment and supply inventories; acquires equipment, fixtures, furniture and related supplies as needed

Airport Operations & Security

  • Ensures compliance with all federal, state and local regulations, laws and ordinances
  • Manages all airport safety, security, environmental compliance, wildlife hazard mitigation programs and conducts all related training
  • Responds to emergency situations and implements contingency plans

Airport Rescue Fire Fighting

  • Maintains constant aircraft rescue and firefighting readiness
  • Responds to all airport emergencies, accidents and incidents
  • Conducts airfield safety, and security inspections


2021 Annual Budget                                  2021 Rates & Charges

  • $5,966,356    Operations & Maintenance                                                  
  • $6,293,708  Capital Improvements                                                           
  • $   724,400    Debt Service                                                                             
Funding Sources                                                                                                          
  • Enterprise Funds (Airport Generated):  60%                                        
  • Federal & State Grants: 40%                                                                     
  • City General Fund: 0%                                                                                



Rapid City Regional Airport is committed to fully abiding by Airline Consumers’ Rights.