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Rapid City Regional Airport’s services and amenities make the wait time fly by. Learn about car rentals, shuttles, our gift shop and more.



Bid Openings/Request for Proposals



Business at the Airport

Rapid City Regional Airport welcomes thousands of visitors and business travelers every year. It’s a great location to make a first impression. Parties interested in developing or starting a new business at Rapid City Regional Airport should send a letter of interest to the Deputy Director of Finance and Administration at


Advertising at the Airport

Over half a million people travel through our airport each year.  Multiple opportunities are available to advertise your business with us.  Contact us today for a customized advertising package by emailing  


General Aviation Leasing & Development

General Aviation (GA) is a vital component of the Rapid City Regional Airport. GA is comprised of all aircraft traffic that is not commercial airlines or military aircraft.  The Rapid City Regional Airport welcomes new development in the general aviation area of the airport.  The following documents include applications, policies and procedures related to new construction and leasing.  Please contact with questions or for additional information. 

Construction Process Operator/Lessee Application Leasing Policy
Construction Application Operator Permit NonCommercial Lease
FAA Form 7460 Variance/Exemption Request Commercial Lease
City Building Permit Self-Fueling Application THangar Application & Lease 


Primary Guiding Documents

General Aviation Minimum Standards

The purpose of General Aviation Minimum Standards (Minimum Standards) is to encourage, promote, and ensure:  (a) the consistent provision of high quality General Aviation products, services, and facilities at the Rapid City Regional Airport (Airport);  (b) the development of high quality General Aviation Improvements at the Airport; (c) General Aviation safety and security at the Airport;  (d) the economic health of General Aviation Commercial Operators at the Airport; and (e) the orderly development of land and Improvements at the Airport for General Aviation purposes.

Airport Rules & Regulations

The Rules and Regulations are designed to protect the public health, safety, interest, and general welfare of the Operators, Lessees, Tenants, consumers, and users of the Rapid City Regional Airport (Airport) and to restrict or prevent any activity or action which would interfere with the safe orderly, and efficient use of the Airport by its Operators, Lessees Tenants, consumers, and users.

General Provisions

The General Provisions set forth those provisions which are common to all General Aviation Primary Guiding Documents (Primary Guiding Documents).  In addition, the key words or phrases utilized throughout the Rapid City Regional Airport’s (Airport) Primary Guiding Documents are defined in these General Provisions.

Rates and Charges 2021

 Current Rates and Charges at the airport.



As a primary nonhub airport receiving federal funds, we are required to have an Airport Disadvantaged Enterprise Program (DBE), (49 CFR Part 26), and an Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program (ACDBE), (49 CFR Part 23), in accordance with regulations of the US Department of Transportation.  It is the policy of the Rapid City Regional Airport to ensure that DBEs and ACDBEs, as defined in Parts 26 & 23, have an equal opportunity to receive and participate in DOT-assisted contracts.