Vertical Circulation Project

September 9, 2019 – June 29, 2020

This project will replace outdated equipment and improve passenger circulation.  The escalators and main elevator have been in service since 1987, and have outlived their useful life with replacement parts obsolete or unavailable.  They are also positioned in an area that has limited visibility and are difficult for passengers to locate.  The new escalators, elevator, and stairs will be positioned to provide a more visible and clear connection between levels of the terminal building, thereby improving passenger circulation.  To see what the final project will look like, click here. 

Current Construction Schedule

Phases of the Project (subject to change):

1.  Sept 9 - Dec 9:  Install up escalator pit, beams, & columns.  Remove ceilings, demo electrical & mechanical systems, pour footings. 

2.  Dec 5 - Jan 13:  Install new up escalator, new shuttle counter, & relocate vending.  Install outside temporary egress stairs & demo raised seating platform on second floor.

3.  Jan 7 - Feb 24:  Main demolition phase.  Demo old elevator, old down escalator, old shuttle counter, windows, roof, elevator, stairs & flooring around the elevator.   Install columns, beams, new taller windows, & new roof.  Begin using freight elevator.

4.  Feb 5 - Mar 20:  Install new elevator, west escalator pit, & new guard rail.   Freight elevator in use.

5.  Mar 20 - May 12:  Install new down escalator & stairs.  Install terrazzo flooring in baggage claim & stairs.  Elevator installation continues.

6.  Apr 28 - June 29:  Demo old up escalator.  Install east terrazzo flooring & ceiling.  Remove temporary egress stairs.  Project completion.