Fixed Based Operator (FBO)

Westjet Air Center, Inc. - Full Service FBO - Full-Service Fuel, Pilot Lounge, TieDowns, Hangars, Catering, Oxygen, Airframe and Powerplant Repair

Specialized Aviation Service Operations

There are a number of SASOs located at Rapid City Regional Airport providing various aircraft services.

Advanced AeroTechnologies Group, LLC - Avionics

Air Methods - Black Hills Life Flight

Dale Aviation - Aircraft Maintenance, Avionics, Air Ambulance, Pilot Services, Aircraft Management

Medical Air Rescue Company - Medical Air Transport

Plane Training, LLC - Flight School, Pilot Lounge, Training, Aircraft Rental

Rapid Avionics - Avionics

Rapid Fuel - Avionics, Self-Serve Fuel, Pilot Lounge, Tie Downs - 605-209-5466

General Aviation (GA) is a vital component of the Rapid City Regional Airport. GA is comprised of all aircraft traffic that is not commercial airlines or military aircraft.

General Aviation Advisory Committee

The Airport Board and Staff have worked with the General Aviation community to create a General Aviation Advisory Committee (GAAC). The GAAC is a communication conduit for General Aviation (GA) stakeholders to exchange information, solicit opinions, gather ideas, and generate vision for the future of Rapid City Regional Airport. The GAAC works in partnership with the Airport Board and staff to promote GA activity that is in compliance with federal, state and local regulations. The GAAC provides recommendations on airport capital improvement plans and projects, changes to primary guiding documents, administration policy, and other General Aviation-related issues, projects or plans.  General Aviation Advisory Committee Bylaws



Primary Guiding Documents

General Aviation Minimum Standards

The purpose of General Aviation Minimum Standards (Minimum Standards) is to encourage, promote, and ensure:

(a) the consistent provision of high quality General Aviation products, services, and facilities at the Rapid City Regional Airport (Airport)

(b) the development of high quality General Aviation Improvements at the Airport

(c) General Aviation safety and security at the Airport

(d) the economic health of General Aviation Commercial Operators at the Airport

(e) the orderly development of land and Improvements at the Airport for General Aviation purposes

 Airport Rules & Regulations

The Rules and Regulations are designed to protect the public health, safety, interest, and general welfare of the Operators, Lessees, Tenants, consumers, and users of the Rapid City Regional Airport (Airport) and to restrict or prevent any activity or action which would interfere with the safe orderly, and efficient use of the Airport by its Operators, Lessees Tenants, consumers, and users.

 General Provisions

The General Provisions set forth those provisions which are common to all General Aviation Primary Guiding Documents (Primary Guiding Documents).  In addition, the key words or phrases utilized throughout the Rapid City Regional Airport’s (Airport) Primary Guiding Documents are defined in these General Provisions.