For your convenience, there are a number of ways to access the lot and pay for your parking:


Credit Card In / Credit Card Out -  

This is the best way to access the lot and pay for your parking.  When you pull up to the entry, quickly insert and remove your card.  No ticket is needed and the gate will automatically open and you can enter the lot.  Upon your return, when you leave the lot, just insert the same credit card at the exit and the gate will automatically open and your credit card will be charged accordingly.

Pull a Ticket - 

Instead of inserting your credit card, you can push the button on the screen to receive a printed ticket.  The gate will open and you may enter the lot.  Upon your return, you just scan your ticket at the exit and pay with a credit card.   PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR TICKET IN THE SUN!  

Parking Receipts


Pay On Foot - 

For both the Credit Card and Ticket options, you can pay inside the terminal at the kiosk conveniently located at the bottom of the escalator.  Either insert your credit card, or scan your ticket.  You may then pay for your parking with either cash or card.  You will receive a receipt that you can scan when you depart the lot.



P1 Lot (Long Term)

This lot is furthest from the terminal.

Up to 30 Minutes: Free

Each Hour: $2.00

Daily Maximum: $10.00

Weekly Maximum: $60.00


RCRA_ParkingIcon_P2.gifP2 Lot (Short Term)

This lot is closest to the terminal.

Up to 30 Minutes: Free

Each Half-Hour: $1.00

Daily Maximum: $12.00

Weekly Maximum: $84.00



Sturgis Rally Truck Parking

If you are a transport company for the Sturgis Rally and would like to park at the airport, pre-registration is required.  Please complete the application and submit to:  airportparking@rcgov.org.   The cost to park in the Rally Truck Lot is $175.00 per truck.  

Rally truck parking application


Monthly Commuters

If you are an airline associated employee and need to apply for Monthly Commuter Parking, please complete your application at our Flash Parking Portal:  https://rapidcityairport.parkitmonthly.com/viewlisting.php?LID=234 Be sure and enter all your information including vehicle(s) as our system uses LPR (License Plate Reader) technology.  As a Monthly Commuter, the only payment option available is to sign up for monthly automatic credit card charges.  

Please allow at least 72 hours for your application to be reviewed.  Applications received on weekends will be not be reviewed until the following week during normal business hours of Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM. 

Once your application has been approved, download the Flash Parking App on your mobile phone.  Instructions can be found here.  Flash Parking App.  The App works with your mobile phone number.  

Plastic proxy cards will not be issued to Monthly Commuters.  You will need to use the Flash Parking App or the LPR system to enter and exit the lot. 

Please note that vehicle information must be updated online through your account and not through the Flash Parking App.  

Monthly Commuters must utilize the P1 Parking Lot.


Monthly Local Employee Parking

If you work at the airport and need monthly parking, please complete the Parking Permit/Application.  The application needs to be TYPED AND SIGNED BY YOUR SUPERVISOR.  HANDWRITTEN APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  The application needs to be submitted to the Airport Administration Office for review and approval.  Be sure and include all your vehicle information and cell phone number. 

Once your application is approved, you will be issued a plastic proxy card to enter and depart the lot.  You may also utilize the Flash Parking App as well as the LPR - License Plate Reader system.  

Monthly Local Employees must utilize the P1 Parking Lot.


Accessible Parking

All parking facilities are owned by Rapid City Regional Airport which offers accessible parking options. In both lots, accessible spaces are located near the walkways.


Additional Information

For additional information, please call the Airport Administration Office at 605-394-4195, ext 8; then ext 2.

For parking EMERGENCIES, please call the Airport Operations Office at 605-593-3419.